Join us to explore the 1948 Olympics in London and the social and economic context for Londoners.

We will look at what sacrifices Londoners made to make the games happen in a time when rations were still in place. We will look at the role of the armed forces and the scouts in supporting the games and examine the mood of the nation by looking at the newspaper reports on the games. We will also interview elders who lived in London during the period, including war veterans.

We want to engage a group of young people (14-17 years old) in examining this key aspect of London's heritage as part of the legacy of the London 2012 Games.

By joining the group you will be involved in:

  • Research at archives and museums
  • Interviewing elders
  • Creating a film and exhibition
  • Fun team-building activities
  • Leading workshops with other young people
  • Gaining new accredited skills and certificates along the way!
  • Common History Commonwealth

    Young people from South East London Schools looked at the history of the British Commonwealth as an organisation: including the ancient origins of some Commonwealth countries; its historical development and its current significance to multi-cultural Britain.

    The journey starts with the great empires of Ancient West Africa, the conquest of these peoples and their subdual into the Commonwealth, including the role of key figures such as Oliver Cromwell.

    We also focused on the contribution of Commonwealth countries to WW1 & WW2 and the integral role of African, Indian and Caribbean troops in British war efforts and their integration into British society during the Wind rush era.

    We will also examined the impact of the Commonwealth on the social and economic culture of modern-day Britain.

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